Simplify Your School Management

Streamline your school administration with Cohoist Lite. Our solution offers effortless management of student registration and enrollment, course and section management, and much more.

"With Cohoist Lite, we can now register and enroll new and returning students with ease and track the data points we need. We are better equipped to respond to the needs of our community and measure the positive impact we are having. Thank you Cohoist!"

Director, International Baptist Center of Dakar

Easy Registration and Enrollment

Our registration and enrollment system simplifies processes for everyone involved—students, teachers, and administrators alike. With Cohoist Lite, onboarding students and enrolling them in specific courses is effortless.

Cohoist Lite Course Enrollment

Simple Course and Section Management

Cohoist Lite makes managing courses and sections a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated scheduling and rosters.

Cohoist Lite Course Management

A Customized Cohoist Lite Experience

We recognize that every institution is unique, and a one-size-fits-all onboarding process limits your institution's growth potential. With our solution, you can deploy a customized instance of Cohoist Lite specifically tailored to fit the needs of your institution and collect the student registration data you actually need.

Cohoist Lite Student Registration