It's the smart way to build your brand.

Share the cost of advertising with others so you can finally afford to earn more business.

Stop viewing other businesses as competition and start viewing them as partners positioned to help your brand grow. That's what Cohoist is all about.

Ryan and Bradley Wells

Co-founders of Cohoist

What is this?

Cohoist gets your brand in front of more people for less money by promoting local businesses together. Whether using online advertising or outdoor billboards, small businesses are strategically grouped and their payments are pooled together to reduce the cost of advertising for each business.

By promoting multiple brands at once, Cohoist is a clever way to scale your business using OPM - other people's money. This style of collective promotion drives down the cost of building brand recognition.

How does it work?

Cohoist helps small and local businesses reach more people for a lot less money by sharing the cost of advertising with other like-minded businesses.

Once you sign up, we'll reach out to get to know your business so we can strategically match your business with complimentary brands in your area.

Let's say an advertising company has a billboard available for $1200/mo. Cohoist can put your business on the billboard, alongside 3 other businesses in your area, for $300/mo. Since this makes advertising affordable, small and local businesses can finally compete with the big names.

This formula is perfect for rapidly building your name recognition for much less money. By promoting multiple businesses in each advertisement, you get your name in front of more of your target audience for a small piece of what you'd pay to promote your business yourself.