A powerful way to build brand awareness

For every dollar you put in, you get $4 to $8 in advertising with our shared advertising campaigns.

Boost my business

Cohoist runs shared advertising campaigns for groups of 4 to 8 online businesses at the same time so you reach 4x to 8x more people for a lot less money.

Ryan and Bradley Wells

Co-founders of Cohoist

What is this?

Cohoist gets your brand in front of more people for less money by promoting businesses together. Businesses are strategically grouped and their payments are pooled together to reduce the cost of advertising for each business.

By promoting multiple businesses at once, Cohoist is a clever way to scale your business using OPM - other people's money. Collective promotion drives down the cost of building name recognition.

How does it work?

Once you join, you build a business profile with info about your business, links, logos and social media accounts. We use your profile to match your business with similar businesses.

We create a central hub using the data from your business profile for you and the other businesses in your group. By combining your funds with the funds from the other businesses, we're able to launch large brand awareness campaigns.

You put in $80/mo and you earn up to $640/mo of ad exposure. That's how you scale a business.

This formula is perfect for rapidly building your name recognition for much less money.

By promoting and linking to multiple businesses in each search, display and social media campaign, you get your name in front of more of your target audience for a small piece of what you'd pay to promote your site yourself.

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