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Cohoist is a crowdfunding platform for billboards, except we don't use billboards to advertise for businesses - we promote ideas. Your ideas help us design campaigns that are important to you and your funding determines which billboards get posted throughout the country.

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Right vs Left Billboard Challenge

Let's call out the sensitive left

Goal: $20000/mo


Let's expose the intolerant right

Goal: $20000/mo



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Goal: $8000/mo

Help us install billboards about systemic racism and black life in the United States so we can educate America and improve as a country.

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Goal: $8000/mo

The media keeps telling us these protests are peaceful. Do these pictures look peaceful? Let's put these images on billboards all around the country and put Fake News on notice.

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Goal: $15000/mo

The era of police brutality against blacks needs to end. The only way to get our message out is to find new ways to touch the people that aren't paying attention. Help us reach these people so they can join our movement and we can make a difference.

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Goal: $7500/mo

Each time someone tries to vandalize or rewrite our American history, let's put up billboards of those historical figures prominently in their city.

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Goal: $1000/mo

Let's lighten the mood by putting our best jokes on billboards all across America. Nobody likes looking at advertisements while they drive anyway, right?

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Goal: $6000/mo

Our land is for everyone. We need to start showing compassion for our immigrants and refugees instead of vilifying them. We want to install pro-immigration billboards to shed a light on our bad immigration policies and encourage our leaders to do the right thing.

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