The new standard for workforce development

Sustainable talent pipelines take center stage in the new economy. Cohoist strengthens these pipelines by bringing employers, educators and students together on one platform, so you can build a better future for your community.

Program Management

Tools for Educators

Manage your learning programs, courses and sessions with ease. Cohoist is designed to help you manage your curriculum, track student progress and build relationships with local employers.

  • Curriculum
  • Courses
  • Sections
  • Enrollment
  • Instructors
  • Student accounts
  • Course calendar
  • Notification center
  • Class announcements
  • Section resources
  • Student progress
  • Course completion
  • Program statistics
  • Training history
Employer Management

Tools for Employers

Influence educator training to eliminate skills gap, reach well-trained local talent with job postings and track your talent supply chain.

  • Connect to local students
  • Manage educator relationships
  • Visualize talent pipelines
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Send surveys to students
  • Influence educator training
  • Post jobs
  • Track applicants
  • Schedule interviews
  • Make offers
  • Employer analytics
Advanced Analytics

Pipeline Performance Tools

Use primary data to tell your story and optimize program performance with live analytics.

  • Program performance
  • Learning track metrics
  • Outcome analytics
  • Student demographics
  • Interactive charts
  • Pipeline health
  • Employer trends
  • Downloadable reports
Outcome Tracking

Outcome Tracking Tools

Measure your impact by tracking learner progress, interviews, job placements and career progression.

  • Job interviews
  • Job offers
  • Job placements
  • Salary trends
  • Career progression
  • Employer comparisons
  • Skills wallets
  • Qualifications
  • Work history
Learner Tools

Tools for Learners

Manage your education, manage your career, track your progress and build your skills with Cohoist.

  • Apply to schools
  • Enroll in courses
  • Access course content
  • Manage skills wallet
  • Receive notifications
  • Upload resumes
  • Apply for jobs
  • Track interviews
  • Track offers
  • Provide employer feedback
Case Management

Tools for Case Managers

Track cases, manage wrap-around support and build relationships with other support service providers directly within Cohoist.

  • Wrap-around enrollments
  • Case monitoring
  • Case management analytics
  • External support services
  • Soft skills development
  • Case notes
  • Case files
  • Wrap-around completions
  • Student self-reporting
  • Career advising
  • Post-graduation support tracking