What's it like to start an online business?

We grouped 16 strangers into 4 teams and challenged them to build real online businesses from scratch. Want to see what we learned?

Cohoist is a new way to inspire creativity, foster innovation, and encourage entrepreneurship. We share progress from each team online as they compete for prizes with the ultimate goal of becoming the most profitable online business in one year.

Ryan and Bradley Wells

Co-founders of Cohoist

What is this?

Cohoist pairs real writers, graphic designers, web developers, marketers, SEO and social media experts into teams that compete to build money-making online businesses.

We've assembled four teams of random people and we're documenting their journey as they try to build profitable online businesses in one year. We'll share their successes and failures, tools and techniques, traffic and revenue - all to encourage you to build your own online business.

How does it work?

Each team starts with $100 and it's up to them to decide the best way to use it. The rules are simple: the team with the highest net profit at the end of one year wins.

Whether our teams start blogging, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, podcasting, or selling digital products, Cohoist will document their progress, revenue, traffic and roadblocks to show you what it takes to build your own successful online business from scratch. We'll pick their brains along the way to share the tools and strategies they use and the ones they wish they never tried...

To keep things interesting, Cohoist will issue special challenges and the first team to meet each challenge will win a prize specifically designed to help that team grow.

Win or lose, our teams are making real online businesses so they'll get to keep their profits long after the competition is over.