Finally, a faster way to build brand awareness

We promote groups of 4-8 online businesses at the same time with shared advertising campaigns so you can afford to get your name in front of more people.

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Sharing the cost of advertising is a smart way to increase your name recognition on social media for much less money. Membership costs are fixed so the amount you spend on advertising each month is predictable.

Ryan and Bradley Wells

Co-founders of Cohoist

What is this?

Cohoist gets your brand in front of more people for less money by promoting businesses together. Memberships range from $50/mo to $120/mo and are pooled together to split the cost of advertising.

By promoting multiple businesses at once, Cohoist can get your website in front of 5x more people for the same cost. Collective promotion brings the overall cost of building brand recognition WAY down.

How does it work?

Your membership gets your site listed on one of our promotion pages alongside a small group of members in the same membership tier as you. You get your own title, link, description and a graphic that you can update any time.

We create new landing pages for groups of 5-10 members and we buy search and social media ads to promote these businesses (and their social media accounts) at the same time.

1 ad split between 5 businesses means 5x as many people see your brand for the price you'd pay if you bought the ad yourself.

This formula is perfect for rapidly building brand awareness and name recognition for much less money.

By promoting and linking to multiple businesses in each search, display and social media campaign, you get your name seen by more of your target audience for a small piece of what you'd pay to promote your site yourself.